HIIT 2/7/17

This HIIT utilizes a medicine ball but feel free to modify to whatever you have!

The format will look like this: 45 second med ball move -15 second transition/ rest- 45 second cardio move -15 second transition. Repeat each set 2x, for a total of 4 minute rounds. (45-15-45-15-45-15-45-15) Then rest for 1 min!

5 Minute cardio warm up of your choice

  • 1st
    • Med ball toe taps
    • Squat Jacks
  • 2nd set
    • reverse lunges holding med ball
    • burpees
  • 3rd Set
    • Med ball slams
    • 10 high knees / 10 switch kicks
      • alternating exercises when you get to 10 (count 1 per leg, 5 pairs)
  • 4th Set
    • Med ball between hands or back and forth with a partner
    • 5 air squats/ 5 air squat pulses
      • alternating exercises every 5 moves
  • 5th Set
    • Med ball Jacks
      • Jumping jacks with med ball travelling overhead with each jack
    • Inch worm with push up
  • 6th Set
    • Cross chops
      • 1st round to the right, 2nd round to the left (or vice versa)
    • Surfer Squats
      • switch to air squats when tired
  • 7th Set
    • Med Ball Skaters
    • Volleyball Jumps
      • vertical jump up like you are blocking a volleyball, step to once side, jump, step back to starting position, jump, repeat

= 28 minute HIIT workout!

All moves can be looked up with a quick google search 🙂

What HIIT moves do you like doing? Comment below with any thoughts!


EDIT: My HIIT class was evaluated by one of my managers at rec center and this class got an A+!!!!! It kicked everyone’s butt, especially my own!