Surfside and Huntington Beach, California

I am about to have the world’s most amazing Spring Break. And not in the “traditional” Spring Break where I’m stuck on an island with the world’s drunkest college students. Although, when we first arrived to my aunt’s beach home in SoCal, one of the first things we did was take a shot of tequila. However, I am with some of my best friends, my sister, and will be reuniting with my LDR (long distance relationship) partner this week also!

After getting to the airport at 4:30AM, watching 3 2-hour movies, and figuring out where our uber pick up was, we were in sunny Southern California. We are very blessed to be staying a beautiful, beachfront home that has tons of delicious food within walking distance. After being shell-shocked at how beautiful our temporary abode is, we met with Gary, my uncle’s cousin who resides here full time who is super friendly and a very welcoming host. We did shots of tequila before heading out to Taco Surf, this little Mexican Cantina that is within walking distance of the house. I decided to shimmy up and order a famous SoCal fish taco, even though I usually never eat fish. It was a pleasant surprise, all battered up and covered in fresh guacamole, lettuce, and tomato. We (at least the 21+) crowd, ordered margaritas. Now, we are used to a decent sized Maragritas from a frequented Mexican watering hole by campus… but these bad-boys were three times the size of those. An we each finished them all. I can’t remember the last time I was intoxicated, it has been a long while so this had us feeling very happy! So happy in fact, that every single one of us (including Gary!) came home and took a power nap to digest. Much needed!

After being slightly bummed that everyone was napping, I laid my head down on the pillow, and after briefly closing my eyes “for a half hour”, I woke up 3 hours later…

After we made a “quick” grocery run, after all we are trying to save money by not buying food. But we will see how long that resolve will stay up. I’ll write down a trip total, so that anyone trying to budget can use the post as a guide you own budget. Albeit, I have friends in family in the area, so I’m not paying for accommodations!

I might even go running when the sun comes up! Maybe…. I’m at least going out there to take a walk and enjoy the ocean. I’m currently sipping a coffee, patiently waiting to see the sunrise, so there’s no better way to seize the day. Taking advantage of the time change from East Coast to West Coast allows me to get the most out of my days.

Huntington Beach 3/12/17

I did not go running, but did go beach walking!
We decided to visit Huntington Beach Pier and the surrounding area and it was beautiful! It was midday so the clouds had burned off, and it was a sunny beach boardwalk complete with blastin’ music, beach volleyball courts, and an artistically fair of locally made goods! If I hadn’t sworn off buying things on this trip because of over packing, I would have definitely been itching to buy some of the local art! Our Uber driver told us that he had never actually walked to the end of the Huntington Beach Pier because it was too long, but honestly, it wasn’t long at all. I think a ten minute walk tops to the end? And that includes meandering and taking photos of everything and anything. Truly it

We walked down to Pacific City, which is a little shopping center with some shops and restaurants. We went to a Mexican Restaurant called “Ola” and thought it was the silliest name at first. “Why did they drop they H from hola??” we thought…. actually “Ola” means wave in Spanish so it’s a pun!
We came in hot for some bottomless mimosas. And by mimosa, I mean a champagne glassed that was all the way filled up with only a splash of orange juice that we controlled. In about 2 hours, we had 6 rounds and just stuck with the chips and salsa the restaurant provided. We were rooftop dining with ocean views and sunny skies it was amazing! We made sure to tip our waiter generously for sitting in his section for 2 hours and not really ordering anything of substance.

2 hours, and 6 mimosas later, I then had an adventure in sandal shopping… I needed a new pair/ a pair in general since I flew out with only a pair of running sneakers. I wanted  a flip flop/ dressy sandal hybrid that I could wear to the beach or wear with a dress. I found an beautiful pair, and even got a discount when I asked for one! My underage sister was slightly unamused at our antics, but she’s a trooper and didn’t say too much about them.

Naturally, we came home and took a 3 hour nap. As a grad student, I do not remember the last time that I was intoxicated, and now it happened 2/2 days of vacation—live a little!






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  1. Allie Wags says:

    Ahh! This sounds like so much fun, I’m jealous! I’m trying to plan a vacation for some time in the near future…we have 3 and a halfish months of school coming up, and I think I may go crazy if I don’t have something super exciting to look forward to! Have a great rest of your vacation! 🙂

    1. says:

      thanks Allie!! :p

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