5 Reasons why my last post about my DPT program was a giant lie (or 1 reason: finals)

Maybe you’ve read my older post, “5 Reasons Why My Doctoral Program is Easier than Undergrad“…. well, here is a retraction. Or at least a giant addendum in the footnotes.

  1. To quote an older student, “Finals week was like a kick in the face.” Except it wasn’t 1 week it was 2. 3 exams week 1, followed by 3 exams and a practical the next week. Kudos for my classmates for putting up with me. Whilst practicing my potential practical case loads the words, “I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE A PT ANYMORE I WANT TO GO HOME” followed by me stomping around an exam room came out of my mouth. I’m not proud. But it happened.
  2. Going to bed at around 12 midnight and getting up at 5:45am to study sucks. But I did it… several times in preparation for this exam. It’s hard not to sound like a giant complainer, but that’s basically what the internet was made for. Here I am, complaining about the program I signed up for to people who are going through literally the same exact thing as me, WHATEVER IT WAS HARD.
  3. I don’t have time to exercise. Don’t give me the “if you wanted to make time you would.” Stop it because it makes me want to punch a wall. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I bet I could have and it probably would have been the best thing for me, but I didn’t and it made me crazy. With the sleep schedule I mentioned, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Say what you will, but I did get a 100% on my pharmacy final, so obviously something is working?? idk, lmk
  4. My room is a giant mess because I am never home to clean it. I usually leave before 7 and come home at 11:30 and then I shower and go to bed to wake up at 5:45am. It is a disgusting mess, and my boyfriend who is very clean would cringe if he saw it. That’s a silly thing to put on my list, but it’s my list and I can do what I want. So HA.
  5. My diet is poo poo. I was able to meal prep for my first week and held out with baked sweet potatoes and avocado omelettes and salads, but then I lost my shizz-nit in the second week and my sister has flex passes that need to be used and I love dessert. This is only on my list because I didn’t have anything else to complain about.


Update: 5/8/17 I did it!! I made it through finals and did pretty well for someone who was running around saying, “I don’t even want to me in school anymore I want to go home!” Was I a giant baby? Yes. Will it happen to me in the future? Most likely. Silver lining: Ted’s.