Kettlebell AMRAP

This workout was killer! I felt the aftermath in my quads two days after we did this in class!

Equipment you will need: Kettlebells (KB) of your choice. I had a variety ranging from 15-25 lbs, starting with a more challenging weight, and downsizing as I got tired.

The format of this class is an AMRAP aka “As Many Rounds As Possible.” Each AMRAP has 1 arm, 1 leg, and 1 core exercise. Each exercise is done in sets of done and you try to do as many rounds of all 3 sets as you can within 4 minutes!

There are 4 sets, each set has a 4 minute time cap, with 1-2 minute rests in between. The order of sets is a pyramid: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 done!


Feel free to incorporate your own favorite moves into this format! If 4 minutes ever seems to long, make your time caps 3 minutes or increase rest time!

I will link some helpful videos, but I am not affiliated with any of them, just think they are good resources!