5 Internet Famous San Francisco Eateries

Sometimes you spend the day getting certified in Pilates and writing a SPININNG class, on others you hike around a city looking for famous eateries you’ve found on Pinterest. While planning my trip to visit my boyfriend in San Francisco, I was milling through Pinterest in search of things I could do while he was at work. Naturally, most of the things that caught my eyes were of a sweeter nature. I pulled my inspiration from an article called 50 Desserts You Need To Eat in San Francisco Before You Die and Yelp.

I started my day off at Mr. Holmes Bake Shop for their famous “cruffin.” Today’s cruffin flavor was #UbeMango. Not entirely, sure what a cruffin was before getting there, Instagram photos proved to be very promising. After getting a little turned around after exiting Powell St. Station, I was enroute to my first bakery!


Happy to discover there were no lines! According to Yelp, this bakery often sells outs early and has lines around the corner! Not to shabby for a Tuesday morning. As a sucker for baked goods, I’d rate this cruffin a solid 8/10. The texture is not unlike any other flaky, delicious croissant you may have come across before. There was a generous amount of filling, and Mr. Holmes definitely scores a point for instagram-ability. Price was $4.50 for 1 cruffin, but I bought a second one for Rob. Rumor is, they will only sell each customer 2 at a time because of the high demand! Go get baked in SF!


Not too far away was another local gem known as, Bob’s Donuts. Bob’s is renowned for their giant donut the size of your head (or a dozen single donuts)! If you can eat the giant morsel in less than 2 minutes, you get your $8 back and a free t-shirt! I kept bragging to Rob about how I could finish the beast no problem, but after watching some foodies attempt the feat on instagram, I decided that the donut would end up getting the best of me.

Still slightly full from my #ubemango (that’s just fun to say) cruffin, I went for 2 smaller donuts, some donut holes, and a small carton of milk as recommended by Yelp. My total ran be about $4.55, or the price of one singular cruffin. I would rate Bob’s a similar 8/10. They were of course, delicious, but nothing so crazy as to knock my socks off. I ate 1 and 1/2 of the smaller donuts and brought the leftovers and the munchkins back with me in my back pack. I wish I had ordered a larger donut or maybe a speciality one, but honestly I did not want to feel overly-full for the rest of the day as I continued my journey. Next time, I will indulge in the mega-donut.


The show must go on! I ventured on, trekking about a mile or so to China Town. I had the most amazing dim sum at the Lai Hong Lounge, the other day which had these delicious steamed and baked pork buns, and I had made up my mind that I just had to have more. I found the Good Mong Kok bakery on Yelp as well. Unlike the Lai Hong Lunge, Good Mong Kok is a small hole-in-the-wall bakery. It had raved reviews online and again, I was cautioned against the long lines leading out of the small shop. Luckily, planning a food excursion on a Tuesday morning bode well for me, and this was the longest line I had to endure all day with a wait of maybe 6 minutes. I was able to order 2 steamed pork buns for myself, and 1 baked pork bun for Rob. I did not indulge in these right away, rather broke them out when I took a midday break in Dolores Park in the Mission District of SF. The three  nicely sized BBQ pork buns ran me a measly $3.50, which was the biggest bang for my buck that I got in the city!

After wards, I walked another mile downhill to the Ferry Building, where the internet had informed me that there would be a farmer’s market. Unfortunately, the internet lied to me, but and I had to reign in the urge to buy another treat at one of the venders and stick to my list!


I hopped on the BART at the Embarcadero station and headed to the Mission District, as I briefly mentioned before. Famed
bakeries Tartine and Dandelion, are also found here, but since I had already visited those establishments on a previous visit to the city, I decided to be a little kinder to my wallet and forgo them both this time around. My current mission (get it??) was to acquire the acclaimed Bi-Rite ice cream made in small batches, from organic milk and locally sourced ingredients. Again, no line!! I was prepared with a
book for a line that spanned around the block! I ordered a small, which included up to 2 flavors for about $4.50. I ordered roasted banana and seasonal milk chocolate peanut butter. However, I think there was a miscommunication because I actually recieved roasted banana with salted caramel. I can’t complain, because it was delicious and also the creameries most popular flavor. Solid 9/10! I understand why this place is so popular! Especially because right next door (literally one street over), is Dolores Park. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to hang out and digest for a bit in the park! It was 68 degrees and SUNNY in the city, so I took advantage of the weather and laid back with a good book… and about an hour later, a good pork bun as well.

When I could finally tear myself away from leisurely laying in the sunshine, I embarked towards my final destination: Anthony’s Cookies. It was very fitting for me to end my tour de food with a good cookie as they are one of my favorite desserts and items to bake at home. I feel like I earned these bad boys, because I definitely hiked up the city’s famous rolling hills. When I got inside, I realized the cookies were a bit smaller than I would have preferred (especially when compared to homemade or Insomnia Cookies), but then again, they were probably just regular-people sized and not American sized. The flavor combos look incredibly gourmet and delicious and I was torn between trying something new and sticking with what I loved. I decided a safe combination of both. I ordered 3, 1 oz cookies at $1.85 a pop. Flavor profile included: Cookies and Cream, Walnut Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Cranberry. I’d give these cookies an 8/10, mostly because I wish they were larger for their price. I noshed on the walnut chocolate chip cookie at Anthony’s and wrapped the other ones up to bring home as well!



Thus concludes my first hand experience Pinterest would be proud of! My tummy and taste buds are satisfied!