I’m giving up junk food for one month- Week 2

WOW SUGAR IS EVERYWHERE. I noticed that someone is always trying to pawn off extra baked goods on the PT students (it works, one time I ate 12 twizzlers from a jumbo bag that was left out— not all at once classmates reading this!) The family is all back home form vacation, and they came bearing carbs. There are cookies, fudge, some baked goods from Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey– and I didn’t touch any of it! However today, I did eat a lot (a lot a lot) of pretzels and wheat thins. Am I compensating for lack of treats? Yes, yes I am. But they also came bearing produce, so I have more things to munch on this week! And I successfully avoided making the Annie’s Mac N Cheese, which my RD friend told me, “It’s basically like eating sugar” (@DEBORAH!)

Let’s see how I’m holding out

It’s day 11 and I haven’t had any sugar! however I started to see a switch to pretzels, crackers and peanut butter.

The daily food journal got to be pretty tedious/ I started eating a lot of pretzel/ cracker type snacks and didn’t really want to disclose that information. Positive note though, I am not as tempted as I once was to grab at the sweet stuff (oh yeah, so why do you keep eating cereal?–hey lady, baby steps!) But all of the baked goods that are somehow always appearing this semester in the community kitchen do not call to me as they once did. Which feels good! I weight the same but probably because my caloric intake hasn’t decreased–> stress and bored eating is REAL. At least now it’s trail mix without chocolate? Yes, I know the body can’t tell the difference, but it’s a war against the psyche at this point! Not even a way, just a pleasant sailing for the next 2 weeks before I go to MilkCraft with the bae!

quick post because I don’t much to say other than I <3 snacks