I’m giving up junk food for a month- Week 3

It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve had zero cookies, baked goods or candy. The current temptations in my life have included: the two half gallons of ice cream in my freezer, the fudge that is leftover from last week, and the GIANT bowl of candy that was paraded around my classroom today. But I do feel in control which is nice. my saving graces have included salty chip/ cracker snacks like goldfish, peanut butter, granola bars, and being too busy studying to think that much about food.

I want to transition to a place where I have my favorite things on special occasions like vacations or going out to dinner or fun friend outings– not as part of my every day routine at home. My friend asked me if I felt any different and the answer is “Yes and no.” I haven’t magically transformed myself into a health guru in 3 weeks but I do feel less full, which is positive for me. I would often consume some kind of sweet almost everyday, and identified myself as “the sugar kid”, but that would often leave me feeling satiated to the point of discomfort. Now I can eat dinner and not be compelled to eat more just because I enjoy the taste. So in that sense, yes I do feel better because I am not constantly feeling like I over ate.

But in case anyone was wondering— I DO MISS CHOCOLATE!! I don’t even eat the trail mix at my house because the M&Ms are in it and that’s “cheating.” This is the battle of wills that I am determined to win! I am ending this Saturday which is my friend’s birthday and my first sweet taste (pun 100% intended) of freedom!