I gave up junk food for a whole month! -4 week update

I did it!!!! I gave up sweets for an entire month! It feels like so much longer though, but not in a bad way. One thing I’ve gained in this experience is that I  feel (granted it has only been one month), is that I am less prone to overeat or lose control when I am around sweets. Saying, “No, actually I don’t want that” is a feeling I haven’t really had before. For example, there are some store bought cookies and vanilla ice cream at my house, and I haven’t felt compelled to eat them. I am learning to listen to my stomach and not my eyes when it comes to junk food, realizing that overeating leaves me feeling over full and uncomfortable because I cannot move around as well. When I eat dinner and then push forward to dessert because, “it’s what I do”, I am usually left on the couch, unmoving for several hours. It does not bode well for my productivity.

Giving up sweets was kind of like giving up my identity. I am the friend who is known to eat copious amounts of cookies and ice cream to the point where it is irregular if I do not do so. I also had this “expectation” of myself. It has been interesting moving away from that. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate as much pizza as I wanted, but I didn’t pursue the dessert after the pizza. It’s a teeny tiny difference, but I think in the long run I will be better off for it.

How did I celebrate? With donuts! I had a boston creme and a strawberry frosted donut from Dunkin’ the day my challenge ended, although they were #hella delicious, the experience was a bit anti-climatic.