Part time Plant Based

After a relaxing vacation hanging out with my boyfriend around Miami and the Florida Keys, I needed to come back home and do some serious detoxing from a week of fried food, cheese, dessert, and alcohol!

I follow the vegan Instagram and YouTube scene, mostly because I wanted to learn how to cook with vegetables, but I’ve also grown slightly attached at my favorite social media personalities. (Right now I closely follow Sarah Lemkus and @frommybowl founder Caitlin Shoemaker. )

Today is day 4 of eating vegan, and I must say it is A LOT of prep work. Meal prep is no joke, it takes a very long time to cut and cook food. Being an adult requires a lot more effort than I thought. However, I am on school break and I love food so it has been fun!

I will say that in the past 4 days I have already noticed a difference in my skin! I think it is very sensitive to what I eat. I am on a prescribed retinoid, but that doesn’t matter, because I still will break out in singular pimples. But in 4 days, the redness has significantly gone down! Watching a lot of YouTube videos (all anecdotal evidence), veganism seems to be pretty good for the skin. Which I am a huge fan of.

Also, the food isn’t too bad either! Breakfast is usually smoothies of fruit, veggies (cauliflower and spinach), and some kind of alternative milk, usually almond, but I tried coconut today and it was tasty as well! I also made a loaf of vegan banana bread and I have been eating a slice of that everyday as well.

My other staples have included: spinach, arugula (not kale- that’s gross), black beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chickpeas, and I’m even experimenting with brussel sprouts (still on the fence) and green beans!

As far as energy, I definitely feel better than when I binge eat desserts and fried foods that make my stomach hurt. And I can eat a lot more without my stomach reaching that point. The highlights of this diet are definitely breakfasts with smoothies and banana breads, banana-based “nice cream”, and the baked french fries!

I have a plan to keep this up for at least 2 weeks until I go to San Francisco, and then hopefully continue it there!