Walkin’ the Talk

So I definitely talk a big game- about everything. Fitness, career goals, personal finance, etc, but how much do I actually follow through? Not for someone else, which I make it a point to always do even when it’s not convenient, but for myself.

There have been a lot of day 1s, do overs, fad diet trends. I’ve tried the Insanity HIIT program and got to 5/8 weeks, the 21 day fix (this left me pretty hungry), and most recently have hopped on the plant-based trend, but even that has lacked consistency.

However, I’ve been hit with a sudden realization that in less than one year from today I will a student Physical therapist and I will have to lift patients, whether it be a only a leg- which can get pretty heavy- or providing maximum assistance to a patient with a spinal cord injury, I will be embarking on the beginning of what I hope is a long and fulfilling career. And a very physical one (no pun intended). During the school semester, I balance 3 jobs, and average about 10-15 hours of work a week on top of a full course schedule, and a long distance relationship. I am not complaining- I fully realize that there are thousands of people working harder than me with less resources. So this year, I want to prioritize myself and my health and cut back on useless time wasters.

I often get lost on Instagram’s search feature for a couple of hours, and recently have been invested in the vegan YouTube/ Social Media scene. I started this to learn to cook with vegetables, but recently have felt a bit hypocritical with regards to my own diet. I partook in 3 weeks of 85%+ no meat and no dairy and experienced the best skin in my life. Fast forward to the end of that time period + Chinese Take Out + Ice Cream Festival = the single, largest, most angry pimple I have yet to host, right smack in the middle of my cheek. I’m talking two whiteheads, one pimple, style.

Now that I have a goal that’s about injury prevention not just fitness gains, I feel more committed to my gym and nutrition lifestyle. I will be posting weekly to update with progress, but that leaves me vulnerable to all my followers (if I post the link to facebook… maybe lol, that is pretty ballsy)!! That will force me to hold myself accountable.

I am pretty lucky that I also have a bevy of resources for lifting for strength(1-6 reps) and hypertrophy/ muscle endurance (8-12 reps).

The posts may not be succinct, but will track my weekly progress and once every two weeks post my weight- although I am more interested in swapping out fat for lean muscle not a whole scale difference.