Am I back and better than ever? You betcha

The song “I’m so Humble” by Lonely Adam feat. Adam Levine comes to mine. New year, new me and all that jazz! I have a new found reconnection with myself and what I stand for. If I am being completely honest, I thought my blog had expired, but now I am really happy to find out that it did, in fact, not!

So what’s new? I’m VEGAN! For real, one hunned. Actually I think plant-based is a more accurate term for what I’m doing because I have yet to verify that all of my clothing and products are also vegan. But I AM done with eating animals! And it feels so good! It’s actually been a lot easier than I thought (aka I’ve already created and consumed 3 dozen cookies of the ginger snap and chocolate chip variety by myself since New Years) and it has been fabulous! I don’t really miss eating meat because I had already started phasing that out of my diet. Cheese can be tough, but it is not the end all be all for me either. Actually, chocolate (surprise, surprise) had been the hardest part for me to (not) digest. Yes, I know there are vegan dark and semi sweet chocolates out there. But direct access milk chocolate, how I will miss thee. Even though, I won’t miss it enough to eat them because now the animals’ rights are in my head.

Initially I did this 100% for weight loss reasons and somewhere along the way, I just became turned off at the idea of eating animal products. I’m not out here trying to convert anyone, my family eats chicken, steak, cheese, and butter on the regular. It’s just not for me anymore at this time.

So here’s what people actually care about:

Did I lose weight? Yes and No. I was probably around 150 lbs after Christmas.

After 3 weeks of being planted based I dropped down to 143! And after seeing that number my brain thought, “well that means I can eat whatever I want” and I started to consume lots of vegan junk food and pasta. No regrets.

The last time I checked 2 days ago I was 145lbs which I am very happy with! My new weight loss goal is < 145 lbs by Spring Break (yes, in capital letters)! When I eat well (as in nutrient dense fruits and vegetables) my body’s natural set point is between 140-145. When I eat not well, it goes up 145-150, evening out at about 147lbs.

Can you tell I have a large neuro exam in less than 36 hours by the way I just wrote this post? Will keep the people updated!

Pce, luv,


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